StartKit Orion & Alma Terra 300mg

The Orion & Alma Terra Starter Kit was created by Marie Jeanne to offer you a premium kit for entering the world of CBD vaping. This kit, made up of an Orion DNA Pod and a 300 mg Alma Terra e-liquid, offers a unique, high-quality vape experience. 

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With the Orion & Alma Terra Starter Kit, Marie Jeanne has brought together the best equipment and the best CBD to guarantee an unforgettable vape experience. The kit, designed for exacting vapers, contains an Orion DNA e-cigarette and an Alma Terra full spectrum e-liquid with intense, authentic hemp flavours.


The Orion DNA Pod

The Orion DNA Pod by Lost Vape is a premium e-cigarette that combines performance and quality design. Its compact format and modern look make it perfect for all vapers who prioritise elegance. The powerful, easy-to-use Orion DNA Pod offers various settings, so that you can choose the ideal vape power.

The Orion DNA Pod is a versatile e-cigarette, designed for both mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung vaping. It works with different cartridges designed for each vaping method.

The Orion Pod cartridges are available in various resistances. To ensure an unbeatable vape experience, Marie Jeanne has selected 0.5 ohm cartridges, which are the most suitable for CBD vaping.

When used with this cartridge, the Orion DNA Pod offers the ideal wattage for vaping the CBD molecule, without it getting overheated or altered. It recreates flavours perfectly, thus enhancing your e-liquid.

The Alma Terra e-liquid by Marie Jeanne

In this starter pack, Marie Jeanne has included Alma Terra, a full spectrum e-liquid with a unique flavour, made with over 20 terpenes. Fall under the spell of this CBD e-liquid, a real hemp elixir.

The Alma Terra e-liquid by Marie Jeanne is a full spectrum CBD e-liquid obtained through a unique extraction method. By using cannabinoids extracted in their rawest form, Marie Jeanne has preserved nature’s entourage effect in this Alma Terra e-liquid. You can therefore enjoy exceptional flavours and an unbeatable vape experience.

We have selected a 300 mg dose: an intermediate dose ideal for occasional to regular vape sessions. We recommend short vape sessions for your Alma Terra 300 mg e-liquid (between 5 and 10 minutes).

Détails du produit
  • Clearomiser capacity 2 ml
  • Battery life 950 mAh
  • Battery power 40 W