Pre-Roll CBD

Discover Marie Jeanne's CBD pre-rolls, the authentic CBD experience in a simplified form. Our 100% natural pre-rolled joints, free of nicotine and tobacco, are made from premium quality CBD flowers or CBD resin. Each pre-roll is carefully wrapped in an unbleached, slow-burning paper. With Marie Jeanne, enjoy the convenience of a high-quality, ready-to-use pre-rolled joint.

Discover Pre-Rolled CBD Joints, What Are They?

Explore the world of pre-rolled CBD joints, a modern alternative free of nicotine, tobacco, and the psychoactive effects of THC. These pre-rolls, already rolled for your convenience, are designed for those seeking a more natural and effortless approach to enjoying CBD. Carefully crafted, these joints may contain either CBD flowers or CBD resins of the highest quality, selected for their purity and effectiveness.
Each pre-filled cone, laboratory tested, is compliant with legal standards, ensuring a THC level below the permitted threshold (0.3%). The hemp, environmentally responsibly grown, comes from French farms, thus ensuring impeccable traceability and quality. These joints represent Marie Jeanne's commitment to authentic products, grown and manufactured in France, offering a unique and nature-respecting experience.

Marie Jeanne® CBD Pre-Rolls, Quality Made In France

Marie Jeanne, synonymous with French excellence, stands out for its CBD pre-rolls crafted with artisanal expertise. Each joint, meticulously rolled, is wrapped in rolling paper and equipped with a cardboard tip. The CBD hemp flowers used are carefully selected for their superior qualities and come from French cultures free of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and heavy metals.
This attention to detail is reflected in the natural aromas and remarkable potency of each product.
In the laboratory, cannabinoids are extracted and tested to ensure a full spectrum, thus offering a rich and authentic experience. These joints are a harmonious combination of French tradition and innovation, strictly respecting legal and environmental standards, and passionate work.

Purchase, Delivery, and Legal Regulations

Purchasing pre-rolled CBD joints at Marie Jeanne is designed to be both easy and secure. The brand is committed to total transparency regarding the origin and composition of its products. The fast and discreet delivery is carried out in strict compliance with French legal standards. Each CBD pre-roll is meticulously tested to ensure it meets the legal THC level, thus guaranteeing absolute compliance with legislation. Marie Jeanne takes the quality of its products very seriously, ensuring that each pre-rolled CBD joint offers not only an exceptional experience but also total assurance regarding its legality and THC content below 0.3%.

Order before 2 pm on weekdays and benefit from same-day shipping. Also, enjoy our offer of free delivery via Colissimo for any order over 29.90€ in metropolitan France.