CBD Flowers

premium quality 100% French CBD flowers

CBD flowers allow for the full enjoyment of this natural product, without undergoing any transformation. Each of our CBD flowers is from premium varieties, a result of rigorous horticultural selection and the best cultivation techniques. All our flowers are available in 2 grams - 5 grams - 10 grams - 50 grams - 100 grams and more (semi-wholesale).

What are CBD Flowers?

A CBD flower is simply the inflorescence of the cannabis plant. It is the part of the plant that contains the most cannabinoids: the active compounds of hemp. Among these is the well-known CBD, or cannabidiol in its full form, but also terpenes, which are the natural aromas that give cannabis its unique flavors, and CBG. However, to comply with regulations, the CBD flowers sold at Marie Jeanne CBD ® always contain a THC level, another cannabinoid, of less than 0.02%.

There are different varieties of CBD flowers, such as Amnesia Haze, Kush, or Moonrock. Each one comes from crosses between the two main cannabis strains, namely indica and sativa, and the multiple cultivars derived from them. Thus, each variety has its own characteristics, especially in terms of flavors or CBD levels.

How are Hemp Flowers Cultivated?

Cannabis CBD flowers can be grown outdoors or indoors. At Marie Jeanne, we offer indoor CBD flowers, which allows for greater control of growing conditions such as light and temperature, essential factors for the plant's growth that need to be maximally controlled for optimized quality.
In cases where hemp flowers are grown in greenhouses, this is referred to as greenhouse culture or Greenhouse CBD flowers. The flowers are then hand-harvested, dried, and packaged in airtight containers that preserve their qualities.

Are CBD Flowers Legal in France?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is not a psychoactive substance and does not cause addiction. It is therefore not considered a narcotic. As such, since 2022, it has been legal in France in all its forms: CBD flowers, resin, oil, e-liquids, etc. The regulation, however, is very strict regarding the presence of THC, which must be less than 0.03% in the CBD product.

How to Consume CBD Flower?

CBD flower is a quite versatile product, which can be used in different ways. It can be consumed as:

  • Infusion: Place a bud of the flower in a tea ball and let it steep for 5 to 10 minutes. Like a classic tea, you can add a dash of milk or a hint of honey for a more indulgent result;
  • By ingestion: Integrate crumbled CBD flower into your savory or sweet culinary preparations. It can be used like an aromatic herb, adding a powerful woody taste to your salads, or consider incorporating it into cannabis butter or a space cake;
  • Vaporization: Crumble a piece of the hemp flower with your fingers or using a grinder. Then, insert the fragments directly into the chamber of the vaporizer, which is heated between 180 and 210 °C.