Marie-Jeanne, a French manufacturer of CBD e-liquid, was born from the initiative of professionals in organic farming. After many months of research and development on hemp and its various uses, the creation of CBD e-liquids appeared to us as an innovation to the products already present in the electronic cigarette market.

From Organic Farming to the Creation of CBD E-Liquid

From Organic Farming to the Creation of CBD E-Liquid

Active in the field of organic farming, we became interested in the benefits of hemp in food. After studying the properties of this plant and its various uses, we focused on CBD inhalation. We realized that in case of inhalation, more than 20% of the CBD molecule was absorbed by the body, compared to only 8% in ingestion. Vaping CBD would therefore be the most efficient way to consume CBD.

Perfectly suited for use in electronic cigarettes, CBD has made its place in the world of vaping. Naturally, the idea of creating high-end e-liquids with CBD seemed to us an appropriate response to a rapidly growing demand. After a phase of R&D, particularly on CBD extraction processes, the idea of creating the company Marie-Jeanne became obvious to us. By the end of 2017, Marie-Jeanne, a French manufacturer of CBD e-liquid, was established.

CBD Sourced from Europe

CBD Sourced from Europe

Marie-Jeanne e-liquids are produced in France, made from European-origin CBD. Committed to creating quality products, we chose suppliers known for their professionalism. Thanks to their location, we offer e-liquids whose all-natural ingredients are sourced from Europe.

The CBD in Marie-Jeanne solutions is the result of long months of research, development, and trials. The outcome is a high-quality, raw, and natural product.

The Extraction of Our CBD

We opted for a CBD extraction method that best guarantees its purity and natural properties. The process involves extracting phytochemical compounds such as CBD, CBG, terpenes, and flavonoids from the plant using pressurized carbon dioxide (CO2). In this way, CO2 acts like a solvent without the drawbacks. CO2 extraction is considered the most effective and safest plant extraction method, though it is also the most expensive.

Quality Control of Our CBD Through Biological Analysis

Our CBD also undergoes regular quality controls conducted by:

  • our supplier before the goods are shipped
  • an independent Biological Analysis Laboratory in France

The Production of Our Hemp

The Production of Our Hemp

We select hemp seeds exclusively of European origin. Our experience and various analysis works allow us to identify the strain that will ensure a percentage of CBD and a cannabinoid ratio in line with our formulas.

These seeds are then sown in fertile soil. Our environmental awareness and the use of natural resources enable us to produce entirely natural raw hemp free from pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and heavy metals.

The Harvest of Hemp

Our harvest is entirely done by hand. Only flowers meeting our strict criteria are selected. This is followed by a natural drying process at temperatures below 35°C. Once the hemp flowers are dry, the extraction process can begin.