Marie Jeanne, the French CBD e-liquid manufacturer, was the brainchild of organic agriculture professionals. After months of research and development involving hemp and its different uses, we hit upon CBD e-liquids as an innovation that would revolutionise the e-cigarette market.

From organic agriculture to CBD e-liquids

Through our activity in the field of organic agriculture, we became interested in the benefits of hemp in food. Then, having studied this plant’s properties and different uses, we began to focus on CBD consumption through inhalation. We found that, with inhalation, over 20% of the CBD molecule is absorbed by the body, compared to just 8% through ingestion. Vaping CBD had therefore proven to be the most efficient way of consuming CBD.

CBD quickly became an important part of the world of vaping, thanks to its suitability for use in e-cigarettes.

Naturally, the idea of creating premium CBD e-liquids seemed the perfect way to respond to this rapidly growing demand. After a heavy phase of R&D, especially in terms of CBD extraction procedures, the next logical step was to create a company.

In late 2017, Marie Jeanne, the French CBD e-liquid manufacturer, was born.

European CBD

Marie Jeanne e-liquids are made in France. They are made from CBD of European origins. We strive to make top-quality products, which is why we have selected suppliers who are known for their professionalism. Thanks to their location, we can say that all the natural ingredients in our e-liquids come from Europe. The CBD present in Marie Jeanne e-liquids is the result of months and months of R&D and trials. The final product is high-quality, raw and natural.

Extracting our CBD

We have chosen an extraction method that preserves the CBD’s purity and natural properties. The procedure consists of extracting the phytochemical components from the plant, such as CBD, CBG, terpenes and flavonoids, using pressurised carbon dioxide (CO2). When used this way, CO2 acts as a solvent without entailing any of the disadvantages inherent in the solvent extraction method. CO2 extraction is considered the most effective and safest plant extraction method. It is also the most expensive.

CBD quality assurance via biological analyses

Our CBD undergoes regular quality assurance testing carried out by: our supplier before the goods leave the premises an independent biological analysis laboratory in France

Sourcing our hemp

We only use European hemp seeds. Our experience and the analyses we have carried out have enabled us to identify the variety that will guarantee the appropriate CBD percentage and cannabinoid ratio for our formulae.

These seeds are then planted in fertile ground. Through our environmentally friendly practices and the use of natural resources, we grow entirely natural hemp plants without pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or heavy metals.

Harvesting the hemp

Our plants are harvested entirely by hand. Only flowers that fulfil our strict quality criteria are selected. Next comes a natural drying process at temperatures below 35°C. Once the hemp flowers have been dried, the extraction process can begin.