Indoor CBD flowers

Indoor CBD flowers are derived from cannabis plants grown indoors. This horticultural method allows for total control over cultivation, thereby guaranteeing the premium quality of CBD flowers. We offer numerous varieties of indoor-grown hemp CBD flowers, such as Amnesia Haze, Moonrock, and OG Kush.

Indoor Cultivation of CBD Flowers: Explaining the Process

The indoor cultivation of CBD flowers is an advanced technique that guarantees optimal control over growing conditions, in contrast to outdoor cultivation. Contrary to popular belief, this method is not conducted in a greenhouse, but in a fully controlled indoor environment, where each parameter is precisely adjusted: from humidity and temperature to lighting and irrigation.

In our indoor approach, the use of UV lamps is central. These lamps simulate the solar spectrum, providing essential light for photosynthesis, promoting robust growth and optimal bud development. This artificial light replaces the sun, eliminating variations and uncertainties related to the external climate.

Our indoor cultivation mode allows us to precisely regulate the content of cannabidiol (CBD) and THC, ensuring that each product not only meets standards but excels in quality. Indoor cultivation is our secret to obtaining products of unmatched purity. At Marie Jeanne CBD, indoor cultivation is not just about machines and technology. It's a labor of love and passion, where each plant receives personal attention. Our horticulturists are experts who understand the life cycle of each plant, intervening with care and dedication to guarantee the best for our clients.

Advantages of Indoor Cultivation

The stability of environmental conditions in indoor cultivation is key to a superior quality and potency of CBD flowers. Unlike outdoors, where plants are subjected to climatic variations that can induce stress and alter quality, the indoor environment ensures serene growth, resulting in a higher concentration of cannabinoids, particularly CBD and CBG.
Unlike greenhouse CBD flowers, where the cultivation takes place in an outdoor greenhouse or field cultivation, indoor plants are protected from parasites, diseases, and predators, greatly reducing the need for pesticides. This protection translates into purer and safer CBD flowers for consumption.
Moreover, thanks to indoor cultivation, it is possible to produce CBD flowers all year round, regardless of the seasons. Indoor cultivation allows for increased customization of production. Producers can experiment with different strains, adjust conditions to develop specific characteristics, and quickly adapt their techniques to optimize yields.

Take Moonrock, for example. This CBD flower is the pinnacle of indoor cultivation, enriched in CBD through artisanal techniques, reaching an astronomical CBD rate of 60%. Being first rolled in CBD oil, then in pollen, in an indoor setting, the terpenes, compounds responsible for the unique aromas of hemp, are preserved and intensified.

The high terpene concentration makes these flowers particularly suited for culinary use. Whether in salads, as an ingredient in simmered dishes, or even in the making of cannabis butter or space cakes. But regardless of the chosen consumption method, indoor-grown flowers are undoubtedly premium products among the best in the CBD range.

The Best Choice for Indoor-Grown CBD Flower

There are a few ways to tell if a flower has been grown indoors or outdoors. Thus, an indoor-grown CBD flower will generally have a denser and more compact head. It will also have thinner and tighter stems. It is also slightly lighter in color, as it has not been directly exposed to the sun.

But the most noticeable difference, between an indoor-grown flower and an outdoor one, is the density of trichomes. Trichomes are the glands present on the flowers. They produce the shiny resin seen at the heart of the flowers, which concentrates the majority of the plant's cannabinoids. This is the material used to make our CBD resins. In other words, it's what every CBD enthusiast is after! And precisely, they will be well served with an indoor flower, as its trichome density is significantly higher than that of an outdoor flower. If you compare an indoor and an outdoor flower, you will then see that the former is far more endowed with these small crystals that are trichomes.

We offer several varieties of indoor flowers, all legal and subject to a THC limit of 0.03%. All are from pure cultivars and have not undergone other hybridizations that could have altered their qualities. They have also been subjected to the best cultivation techniques, to guarantee an incomparable premium product. You will thus find various varieties at Marie Jeanne CBD ®, all produced in France:

  • Amnesia Haze: a cultivar from the Netherlands, which quickly established itself as a legendary and highly sought-after variety. It is composed of 90% Cannabis sativa strain, and indica for the rest. It is known for its unique fragrance.
  • OG Kush: while its historical lineage ties it to ancestral Afghan cannabis varieties, it is California that we owe this admirable CBD cannabis hybrid. It is particularly appreciated for its pine flavors, both woody and refreshing, almost tangy.
  • Moon Rock: this explosive variety is one of the most potent on the market, with an impressive CBD rate of 60%! It owes its "moon rock" name to its round, dense, and smooth shape. This is due to its artisanal manufacturing method, which involves coating it in CBD oil before rolling it in kief (resin from the trichomes), greatly increasing its CBD content. This American variety is one of the few to be classified among cannabis caviars, namely the crème de la crème of hemp!