Our Experience at the service of excellence. Developed for lovers of the plant with a thousand secrets. An ultra-realistic olfactory experience made from a rich selection of exceptional terpenes. Memories guaranteed!


Excellence through savoir-faire and a wealth of experience. Discover the perfect blend of CBD and exceptional terpenes for an e-liquid full of authentic flavour. With this collection, Marie Jeanne reveals the diversity of the plant’s aromatic profiles and highlights the intensity of the unique aromas of hemp and its terpenes, all with a remarkable hit.

Dilute, boost and vape your own made CBD liquid! MARIE JEANNE has deconstructed its recipes so that you can think up your own creations. Make the most of the purity of our >99% CBD, the widest range of CBD boosters on the market, concentrated flavourings with a selection of terpenes, and PG:VG 80:20 bases to make an extraordinary CBD e-liquid.


Discover the pleasure of vaping with the Tradition range. From classic French flavours to the gentleness of wild berries, via the fresh, light notes of freshly cut mint. Marie Jeanne offers a line of sophisticated creations for a new CBD e-liquid experience

Discover the Marie Jeanne full spectrum SATIVA L e-liquids, certified THC-free, and their natural flavours. On top of a USP Eur. Ph. grade PG:VG base, a combination of supercritical CO2 extraction of the full chain of cannabinoids and a selection of over 20 terpenes results in unbeatable flavour rendering. They say that once you discover the new ÉCRIN DE VAPEUR collection, nothing else will ever compare...


A range of exceptional CBD e-liquids in a captivating ‘soft touch’ finish. The Création range offers a unique vape experience and unprecedented flavours. Marie Jeanne takes you on a journey through these extraordinary, flavourful e-liquids.

The Marie Jeanne team has developed a CBD Vape Pen that is only 10cm long and 18 grams! A concentrate of technology and design! When it was created, everything was thought out for the CBD vape. The Reefer is pre-set for the best restitution of flavors from your e-liquids and all this without heating the CBD. Easy to use because without button or adjustment and with a good grip, the reefer will slip easily into your daily life. No more disposable pens CBD vapes, the Reefer is rechargeable and its refillable cartridge. 

Selection by the Marie Jeanne team of the best hardaware for CBD vaporizing. Our requirement is the quality of the material, its ease of use and the quality of the CBD's taste restitution.

Explore the world of Marie Jeanne through our collection of accessories. There’s something for all tastes and styles.

Flavors created with passion, know everything about our CBD e-liquids

All Marie Jeanne CBD e-liquids are proudly made in France. Our flavors and our terpene blends are developed in France and are directly inspired by what nature can offer us for both flowers and our fruit. The CBD in our e-liquids comes from controlled channels and all our e-liquids undergo regular toxicological tests.

Each Marie Jeanne CBD collection is created with passion. The “Experience” range is the demonstration of our terpene know-how, broadspectrum which is as close as possible to nature. The Supreme Collection is Marie Jeanne's Maxi range, large 30ml formats on which we have put all our know-how around flowers and fruits. The "Authentic" is an aromatic transcription of varieties of flowers recognized around the world. The “Tradition” collection is a classic range of Fruity e-liquid where we went in search of the best Vegetal aromas for a fruity taste more true than nature. Our DIY CBD Range will allow you to create your own liquids with your own dosages. The "Creation" collection are fruit cocktails made with bartenders recognized for fruity tastes that resemble an aperitif.

How to best use your CBD E-liquid?

In a moment of relaxation, after a hard day's work, the consumption of CBD will be optimal and you can therefore benefit from all our know-how on the restitution of aromas. One of the best ways to consume the CBD molecule is by inhalation, the vape allows a rapid perception of the molecule. Equipment with precise settings is recommended so as not to burn the CBD and terpenes to have the best restitution of flavors, you can find all our vaping advice on our blog. As a reminder, it is not recommended to vape CBD at the same time as nicotine because the effects are reversed.

How do I choose my CBD dosage?

Dosage is very important because it is the concentration of CBD that will change your intensity and your vaping experience.

The higher the dosage, the more CBD is in your liquid. Overdosing on CBD is okay, CBD has no recognized side effects, but overdosing does not help. It is recommended to start with low dosages and gradually increase according to your desires and needs.

The logic is that the higher your CBD dosage, the shorter your intake should be. The higher concentrations are created for more experienced profiles who will want a rarer experience, spaced out in time and over a short duration. There is no point in overdoing it because the effects of CBD will not be increased.