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Discover the variety of earthy and spicy flavors from Amnesia Amsterdam to the sweet sweetness of Gelato, all the way to the intensity of the flower and resin blend of Royal with the Discovery Pre-Rolls CBD Pack. Designed for both the curious and connoisseurs, this pack is an invitation to explore the diversity and richness of CBD flavors, with guaranteed premium quality.

Features of the Pack

  • An exclusive assortment including 1 Amnesia Amsterdam Pre-Roll, 1 Gelato pre-roll, and 1 Royal pre-roll, each offering a selection of premium CBD flower, with concentrations up to 20%.
  • Each pre-roll is 100% natural, with no addition of tobacco or nicotine, preserving the pure and beneficial essence of CBD.
  • Rigorously tested to ensure a THC level below 0.3%, our pre-rolls comply with French legal standards.
  • Proudly rolled in France, these pre-rolls demonstrate our commitment to premium quality and local craftsmanship.


What's Inside the Marie Jeanne® Discovery Pre-Rolls Pack

CBD pre-roll discovery pack

The Marie Jeanne® Discovery Pre-Rolls Pack is an invitation to explore the rich and varied world of pre-rolled CBD through three exceptional products, cultivated and crafted with care in France. Specially designed without tobacco or nicotine, this pack guarantees a safe and quality tasting experience. This exclusive pack includes:

  • 1 Amnesia CBD Pre-Roll: A pre-rolled joint that captures the essence of the famous Amnesia strain with its earthy, lemony, and spicy notes. Each joint contains about 1g of pure CBD flower, concentrated up to 8%, offering an authentic and memorable taste experience.
  • 1 Royal CBD Pre-Roll: Inspired by the exquisite flavor of Italian ice cream, this pre-roll captivates with its rich blend of creamy and sweet sweetness. It also contains 1g of pure CBD flower, up to 8% concentration, for a relaxing experience at any time of the day.
  • 1 Gelato CBD Pre-Roll: Symbolizing luxury and intensity, the Royal combines 1g of CBD flower and resin, going up to 20% CBD for a royal experience.

Why Choose the Marie Jeanne® CBD Pre-Rolled Discovery Pack?

The Marie Jeanne® CBD Pre-Rolled Discovery Pack offers a series of advantages that make it the ideal choice for anyone looking to explore the world of CBD in a simple, safe, and varied way. Here's why it stands out as an essential option:

  • Tobacco and Nicotine Alternative: If you're looking to reduce or quit your nicotine and tobacco consumption, this pack presents a plausible alternative. The pre-rolls are formulated without tobacco or nicotine, offering a healthier smoking experience. They allow you to satisfy the smoking habit without the toxic elements associated with these substances.
  • First Experience with CBD: For those exploring CBD for the first time, this pack offers a gentle and varied introduction. Each pre-roll has been selected to represent a different spectrum of effects and flavors that CBD can offer, allowing novices to discover which variety best suits their needs and preferences without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Guaranteed Savings: Purchasing the CBD Pre-Rolled Discovery Pack represents significant savings compared to buying the pre-rolls individually. It's an opportunity to explore different flavors and effects of CBD at an advantageous price, without compromising on quality.
  • Safety and Quality: With a THC level always below 0.3%, in compliance with legislation, each pre-roll ensures a responsible and safe consumption. Moreover, each pre-roll is crafted from the purest CBD flowers and resin of the highest quality, carefully cultivated in France, coupled with rigorous laboratory testing.
CBD pre-rolled joint

The Premium Quality of Marie Jeanne CBD®

Marie Jeanne CBD® stands out in the CBD market for its unwavering commitment to premium quality, a promise that is reflected in every aspect of its products and services. Our journey, rooted in the delicate cultivation of our French hemp fields to the sophisticated rolling process, embodies the excellence recognized in our craftsmanship. Adopting an innovative and pioneering approach to assembling our pre-rolls is materialized by the use of state-of-the-art rolling technologies.

This technological advancement gives us the ability to produce pre-rolls with unmatched precision, offering quality and consistency that significantly stand out from common flaws observed in the market. The Discovery Pack is the fruit of this rigor: each pre-roll is not only a reflection of our commitment to superior quality but also of rigorous analyses, which attest to the exact CBD content and the strict compliance with the legal THC limit of 0.3%, ensuring total transparency and providing absolute peace of mind to our customers.

Fast and Secure Shipping

The shipping of the Marie Jeanne Discovery Pre-Rolls Pack combines speed and security, constituting an essential pillar of our customer service. To ensure complete satisfaction from the moment you receive your order, we have meticulously designed our shipping methods to be not only fast but also reliable, paying particular attention to discretion and the preservation of our products' superior quality.

Each Discovery Pre-Roll Pack is packaged with the utmost care in an airtight packaging that maintains the integrity and freshness of the pre-rolls, while ensuring absolute discretion during transport. Our specially developed packaging, designed to be sturdy and odor-resistant, ensures that the organoleptic qualities of our pre-rolls – their aromas and freshness – remain intact until you decide to enjoy them, thus offering an unmatched sensory experience upon opening the package.

By placing your order before 2pm on business days, you benefit from our commitment to ship your pack the same day, allowing you to quickly enjoy our exceptional products. Additionally, we are proud to offer free shipping for all orders over 29.90€.

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