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What are CBD pre-rolls?

Posted on: December 8th 2023

In the ever-evolving world of CBD, one form of consumption stands out for its convenience and growing popularity: CBD pre-rolls. Known for their ease of use, these products offer an authentic and classic CBD experience. But what exactly is a CBD pre-roll ? Let's dive into this fascinating world to discover what these products are and why they have become a preferred choice for many CBD enthusiasts.

What is a Pre-Roll?

The term "pre-roll," derived from "pre-rolled," refers to a cannabis or hemp joint that is already rolled and ready for use. This term has given rise to a variety of semantic terms such as "pre-rolled joint," "pre-roll," and "pre-rolled," all referring to the same form of product. A pre-roll is essentially made up of finely ground CBD flowers, wrapped in rolling paper or a cone, providing uniform use.

Unlike CBD cigarettes, which can sometimes contain tobacco blends or other additives, pre-rolls focus exclusively on pure CBD, thus offering a more authentic experience without the harmful additives associated with nicotine. This distinction is crucial for consumers seeking a healthier and more natural alternative.

Pre-rolls vary in terms of content and quality. Some are made with a blend of CBD flowers, CBD pollen, and CBD trim. Others may include different ratios of CBD, THC (maximum 0.3% legal limit in France), CBG, and other cannabinoids, depending on the desired results. The convenience of pre-rolls lies in their ready-to-use preparation, offering a simple and quick solution for consumers who are not adept at manual rolling. Their discreet and portable format makes them an ideal option for consumption on the go!

How are CBD Pre-Rolls Rolled?

The making of CBD pre-rolls is an art in itself, blending tradition with modern technology.

It all starts with the selection of CBD flowers. Producers carefully choose high-quality flowers, often favoring varieties rich in CBD and other cannabinoids like CBG. However, a common practice in the industry is also to use residues or leftovers of flowers, the downside of this practice is that the mix is often too fine.

The rolling of pre-rolls can be done in two ways: manually or with specialized machines.

  • Manual Rolling: This traditional method involves great skill and precision. Artisans roll each CBD joint individually, ensuring unique quality and authenticity. Although more time-consuming, this method is often preferred for limited editions or niche products.
  • Mechanical Rolling: To meet a broader demand, many companies use rolling machines. These machines can produce pre-rolls more quickly and uniformly. This method guarantees consistent quality and consistency.

Once rolled, pre-rolls are often inserted into pre-fabricated cones. These cones can be made of different materials, such as hemp paper or linen paper.

How Much CBD Does a Pre-Roll Contain?

The amount of CBD in a pre-roll varies depending on the hemp variety used and the production method. Generally, pre-rolls contain between 5% and 20% CBD (for 1.2g of CBD mix), calculated based on the total weight of the hemp flower used. It's important to note that CBD concentration can vary from batch to batch, even within the same brand or product (pre-roll manufacturers usually indicate CBD and THC concentration on the packaging). This is due to natural variations in hemp plants. However, producers strive to standardize their products as much as possible to ensure consistency in CBD concentration. In compliance with regulations, CBD pre-rolls contain a THC level of less than 0.3%. This threshold is strictly adhered to ensure the product's legality and to avoid the psychoactive effects associated with higher concentrations of THC.

Does a Pre-Roll Contain Tobacco?

One of the main appeals of CBD pre-rolls is that they do not contain tobacco or added nicotine. This feature not only makes them safer compared to tobacco products but also ensures that consumers benefit only from the effects of CBD without the risks associated with nicotine and other harmful substances present in tobacco.

For many consumers, CBD pre-rolls represent an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

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