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Is it possible to recharge your Puff ?

Posted on: October 6th 2023

A question we often get asked by our customers is: "Is it possible to recharge a puff?". The answer is more nuanced than it seems. In this article, we will explore the different options for recharging your puff, including the new innovative alternative of reusable CBD puff PUUD offered by Marie Jeanne, which provides an ecological and sustainable solution to the vaping world.

How to recharge a puff?

Originally, a puff is not rechargeable. However, some manufacturers now offer a rechargeable puff, both in terms of the battery and the e-liquid. This is notably the case with Marie Jeanne ® and its range of reusable PUUD puffs, a contraction of Puff and Pod!

This solution, both more economical and ecological, allows you to keep your delightful puff for reuse once it is finished, whether by using a new cartridge of your preferred flavor or by choosing a new taste.

We explain in a video how to easily recharge your puff with e-liquid:

In summary, here are the steps to follow to recharge the e-liquid in your puff:

  • Remove the old cartridge.
  • Insert the new cartridge of your choice.
  • Ensure the battery is charged.
  • Enjoy your renewed vaping experience.

the puud range

How long does a puff last?

The lifespan of a puff depends on several factors, including the quality of the battery and the amount of e-liquid. On average, a disposable puff is equivalent to 600 puffs, depending on the brand and resistance used, their lifespans can vary. For example, a pack of 20 cigarettes is approximately equivalent to 250 puffs, with a disposable e-cigarette of 600 puffs, you get the equivalent of 48 cigarettes. The PUUD range by Marie Jeanne, thanks to its rechargeable battery, logically ensures an extended longevity compared to disposable puffs that are not rechargeable and allows unlimited vaping. To extend the life of your Puff, you can follow these tips:

  • Use e-liquid cartridges compatible with your puff.
  • Avoid letting the battery discharge completely.
  • Store your Puff and its cartridges in a room temperature and dry place.

battery for puff

Is it possible to recharge a disposable Puff?

Technically, it is not possible to recharge the battery of a disposable puff. Puff brands have opted for non-rechargeable batteries for often economic and ergonomic reasons. Some people still try to recharge their disposable puff by bypassing the manufacturer’s basic design, but it's highly discouraged due to its dangerousness and risks, particularly in relation to the following points:

  • Risk of battery explosion or leakage.
  • Deterioration of vaping quality.
  • Environmental impact of disposable puffs.

Nevertheless, if as a very occasional vaper the rechargeable puff solution does not suit you, you can always turn to a disposable format, but with a high capacity, like the 1000mg cbd disposable puff, which with its 600 puffs autonomy and its powerful CBD rate, can easily accompany you during a long day (or night!).

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