Reusable CBD Puff

Find all the PUUD, the reusable CBD Puff with 500mg, more economical and ecological with its interchangeable cartridges in different flavors.

What is a rechargeable Puff?

A puff typically consists of a battery that heats a tank containing a sponge soaked in CBD e-liquid. Both the liquid and the battery are non-rechargeable, and the whole assembly is sealed, making it a disposable device. This is traditionally called a disposable cbd puff. The rechargeable puff appeared later, operating on the same principle except that the tank part containing the e-liquid is interchangeable by only changing the cartridge and recharging the battery via a USB-C port.

How to recharge a reusable CBD Puff?

A reusable CBD puff is rechargeable, both in liquid and battery:

  • The e-liquid: The puff consists of a sponge soaked in CBD e-liquid located in the cartridge itself magnetized to the battery. Simply change the rechargeable puff cartridge to have a fully recharged puff!
  • The battery: A USB-C cable provided in the pack connects to the end of the battery for recharging from an electrical outlet.

Is a reusable puff more eco-friendly?

Yes, a reusable puff is more eco-friendly than a disposable one because the battery is rechargeable and is not necessarily disposable after use. If you don’t know where to throw away your puff, we explain in a dedicated blog post how to recycle your puff.
Since the battery is the most environmentally toxic part, this is a significant technological advance in reducing waste. The battery recharges until its standard end-of-life cycle.
The cartridges, however, remain waste, recyclable in plastic bins as they do not contain nicotine or prohibited liquids.

How to use a CBD puff for vaping?

Using a cbd puff for vaping is very simple. All settings are already configured, and there are no buttons to use. A simple inhalation on the puff will start it for vaping. Each inhalation turns the puff on and off, so there is nothing to do but vape.

What are the flavors of a CBD Puff?

We currently have 3 flavors for our reusable PUUD cbd puffs:

  • Amnesia flavor with a cannabis taste,
  • Fruizy mix flavor, a cocktail of mango blueberry
  • Sexy Candy flavor with a sweet candy taste.

We offer 6 other flavors in our range of disposable BARREL cbd puffs.

What are the effects of CBD Puff?

The effects of the CBD Puff are the same as those of CBD e-liquid and CBD oil. It provides a sense of relaxation or relief. The Fullspectrum range effects (like Puud Amnesia flavor or Barrel Gelato flavor) are known to be more potent.
The Barrel type Puffs are very powerful as they are at 10%, the downside of powerful puffs is that it is often too strong on the throat for the uninitiated.
The PUUD contains easily interchangeable cartridges with slightly lower concentrations so it’s more pleasant on the throat (however with identical effects).

What is the CBD rate used in a Puff?

A CBD Puff offers various CBD rates depending on the brand or range chosen. High rates are irritating to the throat and can be troublesome for those not accustomed, so we advise them not to necessarily choose a too powerful CBD rate. To vary the effects, with 5% (50mg/ml) or 10% (100mg/ml) for example, just vape a little more or a little less to get the desired CBD dose.

Does a reusable CBD Puff contain nicotine?

Our CBD puffs do not contain nicotine. Nicotine has the opposite effects of CBD, and it is therefore not recommended to mix CBD and Nicotine. If you vape or inhale nicotine, we even advise spacing the moments of taking nicotine and CBD to get the effects of CBD without alteration.