Résistances Prism T18 II

The T18-T22 resistor is compatible with the Innokin Prism T18 II clearomiser to guarantee good vape quality.

This resistance has a power of 1.5 Ohm comprising 20 orifices provided to allow the Japanese organic cotton to be completely soaked.

It will vape in direct inhalation of nicotine or CBD-based eliquides.

This resistance from Innokin will be perfect for initiation to the vape.

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Prism T18 resistance is compatible with the Innokin Endura T18 Kit. This resistance offers a vape of quality by a direct inhalation, with a good restitution of the flavors. The resistance has a power of 1.5ohm it will be perfect for a consumption of eliquides CBD.


Marie Jeanne has selected for you this resistance of a value of 1.5 ohm.

It will allow you a very good restitution of flavors. Thanks to an organic cotton wick and its 20 openings which allows a good irrigation of the cotton.