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How to open a legal CBD store in France?

Posted on: April 6th 2021

In 2021, more than one brand per day is created around CBD products. A craze has been created around this activity and this molecule extracted from the cannabis flower.

But opening a CBD shop can be difficult in terms of legislation and rules. So we decided to give you some tips on how to open your legal CBD store in France.

What status should I adopt for a CBD shop?

If you are setting up your business on your own, SASU status might be right for you, which is what the majority of CBD shops do today. Depending on what you declare to the chamber of commerce, a CBD store should adopt the status of "sale of wellness products" in order to be able to exercise the activity.

What type of room to choose for a CBD store?

The choice of premises is quite important in this environment. There is no point in taking a huge room, because this type of store does not require a large area or the rents are overpriced. A small room is enough, there must be enough space to receive customers and to present your products in good condition. But the fact of taking a large room is useless, when your clientele will be important you can think of expanding or taking a larger room. But to start it is not necessary.

How to create a Bank Account for a CBD shop?

Obviously, you have to try to go through conventional banks. But if they do not want to accept you (which can happen because the CBD trade can be "scary") we offer you an alternative. Check out the article : solution CBD payment : how to accept online CBD payment? and register if you want to open an account.

Which range to choose for a CBD store?

The choice to be made in terms of ranges for a CBD store is to favor the experience range so that your customers can discover what we offer. But we advise you to take a few products in each reference in order to find out what your customers are looking for the most. In addition to the flower, you can order e-liquids, cosmetics and food products around CBD which will allow them to be highlighted in your window for example. You can then refine your orders and order the best-selling products from us.

What is the budget for a CBD store?

- 2 structures to adopt: a franchise or in your own name. To open a franchise you need around € 3,000 entry fee.

- Interior fittings around 3000 € depending on the size of the store (Showcases, storage shelves, posters, precision scales, work supports, etc.)

- Exterior fittings around € 1000 depending on the size of the storefront (Window sticker, sign, decoration, etc.)

- Starting stock between 500 and 1000 € of products per brand It all depends on how many brands you want to list and the products you want to market (CBD flowers, CBD cosmetics, CBD e-liquid…)

- Administrative costs: 500 € - Local rental costs: depends on your rent In total, you will therefore have to count around 10,000 € to open your legal CBD store.

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