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Recycling and ecology in vaping and CBD

Marie Jeanne CBD makes a "responsible" point for the planet 

We are all aware of this, a small daily gesture for the environment will make things happen, especially if we apply it to all the areas surrounding our consumption. The vape, with in particular the production of waste linked to the bottles of e-liquids, is not to be underestimated and every day we can reduce our impact.

What Marie Jeanne CBD applies daily to serve you and stay responsible

Marie Jeanne CBD has set up a responsible logistics service. With the rise of e-commerce, logistics is nowadays one of the most polluting sectors on the planet. Sending in plastic, with plastic tape, in non-recycled boxes ... no longer makes sense today. In order to reduce this impact, we have implemented a 0 waste policy and 100% recyclable / responsible logistics.

For this we started by removing absolutely all the plastic from our packages.

No more polystyrene fries and bubble wrap to protect your packages, make way for recyclable cardboard and honeycomb paper. The scotch no longer exists properly speaking, we have set up a kraft paper scotch composed of natural glue and which works just as well. 

Our parcels are therefore entirely eco-responsible and if you do not wish to reuse them to send your personal parcels, for example, please put them in the yellow bin (recycling of packaging) where they will be processed.

Internally, our logistics team sorts all of our receipts and we ensure the recycling of all of the packaging we receive. 

In our offices everything is done to create the least waste, we even use internal instant messengers to avoid unnecessary storage of mail.

As for our shipments, 100% of the carbon emissions linked to the transport of packages are offset by ecological projects. This is implemented thanks to the carbon neutrality approach offered by the La Poste service.

Logistics is good, but cbd equipment and e-liquids in all this?

The bottles of e-liquids unfortunately represent the biggest pollution produced by a vaper. Difficult to do otherwise to date but it is possible as a consumer to act intelligently. 

The CBD e-liquid bottles are recyclable and suitable for tri-selective bins.

It is always preferable to rinse them before throwing them away in order to facilitate the work of recycling.

Some shops and some e-commerce vape offer to collect used bottles in order to hand them over to certified companies for recycling. Ask your dealer to find out what steps they are taking in this direction. 

Please note, vials containing nicotine (this is not the case with Marie Jeanne) are not recyclable because of the nicotine considered toxic by the European Commission. 

The electronic equipment of the electronic cigarette has an average life expectancy of 2 years.

Batteries, components, manufacturing, like all consumption, this is not neutral in ecological terms but there are simple actions that can help. 

  • For rechargeable batteries at the end of their life, recycling is done simply in the "battery boxes" that you will find in shops and supermarkets. Do not throw in a traditional trash, the chemical agents that compose it are disastrous for our land. 

  • For batteries with built-in accumulator, recycling will be done in waste in the battery part. 

  • The same goes for mods made up of a multitude of electronic components where recycling will be done in the electronic part of your recycling center.

Finally, associations, such as "Vape du Coeur" for example, allow the donation of electronic cigarettes that you no longer use so that they have a second life. 

Every action counts!

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