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Recycling and ecology in vaping and CBD

Posted on: March 19th 2020

Marie Jeanne CBD Takes Eco-Friendly Actions for the Planet

We all know the significance of daily actions for environmental conservation. Especially in industries like vaping that produce waste like e-liquid bottles. Every day, we have the opportunity to lessen our ecological footprint.

Marie Jeanne CBD’s Daily Commitment to Sustainable Service

Marie Jeanne CBD has implemented a responsible logistics service. As e-commerce soars, logistics has become one of the most polluting sectors worldwide. Traditional packaging materials are no longer sensible; hence we have adopted a zero-waste policy and 100% eco-friendly logistics.

We've Eliminated All Plastic from Our Shipments

We've replaced styrofoam and bubble wrap with recyclable cardboard and honeycomb paper. Our packing tape is now made from kraft paper and natural adhesive, performing just as well as plastic tape.

Our packages are fully eco-friendly. If you don’t wish to reuse them, please recycle them by placing them in the yellow bin.

Our internal logistics team sorts and recycles all incoming packaging, minimizing waste in our operations.

We even utilize internal instant messaging to avoid unnecessary email storage, further reducing digital clutter.

All carbon emissions from our shipments are offset through eco-friendly projects, thanks to La Poste’s carbon neutrality services.

What About Vaping Devices and CBD E-Liquids?

E-liquid bottles are the most significant waste generated by vapers. While alternatives are limited, consumers can still act responsibly.

Our CBD E-Liquid bottles are recyclable and suitable for selective sorting.

Rinsing them before disposal makes the recycling process easier.

Some vape shops and e-commerce platforms collect empty bottles for certified recycling companies. Check with your local retailer for their recycling initiatives.

Note that bottles containing nicotine are not recyclable due to European Commission regulations regarding toxic substances.

The average lifespan of electronic vaping devices is estimated at 2 years.

  • Dispose of used rechargeable batteries in designated bins found in stores and supermarkets. Do not throw them in regular trash as their chemical components are harmful to the environment.
  • For built-in batteries, recycle them at waste collection centers in the battery section.
  • For mods with multiple electronic components, recycle them in the electronic section at your local waste collection center.

Organizations like Vape du Coeur allow you to donate unused electronic cigarettes for second-hand use.

Reusable CBD Puff: The Eco-Friendly Choice

In the ever-changing world of CBD and vaping products, sustainability and innovation go hand in hand. That’s why we at Marie Jeanne CBD are proud to introduce our latest eco-friendly initiative: our exclusive range of Reusable CBD Puff.

Unlike disposable puffs that contribute to electronic waste, our reusable puffs offer a premium CBD vaping experience while being environmentally friendly. Made from durable materials and designed for recharging, these CBD vaping devices are the ideal choice for eco-conscious consumers. Explore our range of Reusable CBD Puffs today and make an eco-friendly vaping choice that benefits our beautiful planet.

Every Action Counts!

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