PUUD Fruizy Mix - 600 Puffs CBD 500mg Reusable

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The PUUD Fruizy Mix starter kit contains:

  • 1 Rechargeable puff battery
  • 1 CBD puff type cartridge Fruizy Mix flavor (Mango Blueberry)
  • 1 charger


The Puud kit is a new, more economical way to vape with less impact on the planet.
Throw away batteries after use, it's over! The battery is recharged using a usb-c cable and the e-liquid cartridges are replaceable.

2ml cartridges or approximately 600 puffs
CBD 500 - 50mg/ml

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The characteristics of the PUUD Fruizy Mix, new refillable Puff CBD.

It is a hybrid system between the Puff and the POD that is fully charged and rechargeable.

  • the cartridge provided in the pack is pre-filled with FRUIZY MIX flavor PG/VG e-liquid and CBD.
  • Each cartridge is filled with 2ml CBD e-liquid, 100% plant-derived PG/VG.
  • Number of PUFFS: 600 puffs per cartridge.
  • Battery: 400mAh
  • Volume of e-liquid: 2ml
  • PUFF type coil - Foam + Mesh Coil
  • Airflow at the end of the puff.
  • Each kit includes: 1 battery + 1 cartridge of 2 ml + 1 charging cable.

How to use the PUUD rechargeable Puff?

The Puud Fruizy mix has been studied for the simplest possible use. Just put the cartridge in the sheath. This will automatically magnetize to the battery.

No adjustment button or ignition, everything is pre-configured.

Once the cartridge has been magnetized, all you have to do is vape. When the battery flashes, nothing could be simpler: connect the usb-c cable to the end of the battery and connect the usb port to a computer or an adapter (not supplied).

The Puud cartridge, filled with 2ml of CBD e-liquid, corresponds to approximately 600 puffs (estimate based on a newly manufactured product and one puff per second, may vary according to usage habits). Once the liquid is finished, the cartridge must be replaced by removing it from the sheath and inserting a new one.

puff rechargeable cbd
puff cbd mango blueberry

What does the Fruizy Mix flavor, CBD e-liquid taste like?

The Fruizy Mix is the discovery of the moment at Marie Jeanne. Slightly sweetened as it should be, freshly picked mango and a hint of blueberry to spice it all up. A taste delight, this fruity can be eaten at any time of the day.

How much CBD does PUUD refillable Puff contain?

Puud CBD E-liquid cartridges contain 2ml of e-liquid. The CBD rate is 50mg/ml or 100mg per cartridge for the 2ml. In e-liquid for this type of CBD rate, we often speak of a 500 or 5% rate.

The reasons for choosing this level of CBD in Puud cartridges:

Designed to be vaped on a daily basis, the Puud was designed to have fun during and after vaping. Higher levels on a Puff system tend to irritate the throat and feel less palatable when inhaling. We call it the HIT in the throat and if it is too strong, the CBD experience will not be complete.

We have therefore chosen a more judicious rate for a pleasant daily vape. The inhaled rate corresponds to the number of puffs you do per day, just vape a little more or a little less to adjust your CBD intake.