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600 CBD Puffs
Flavour: Caramel Cream
CBD 1000

  • 2ml of CBD e-liquid
  • Strength 100mg/ml
  • 400mah battery
  • Resistor coil 1.8ohm
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Puff CBD creme brulee caramel flavor

The Barrel: the new PUFF CBD 1000 containing 600 puffs

Ease and ergonomics are the key words of this Puff CBD. The Barrel measures 9cm long and 1.4cm in diameter.

Barrel CBD is:

  • 2ml of CBD e-liquid
  • PG/VG: 80/20
  • CBD 100mg/ml or 10%
  • 400mah battery
  • Resistor coil 1.8ohm

The CUSTARD flavour: crème brulée with caramel

Puffs CBD custard

The Custard flavor is a concentrated crème brulée flavor with caramel. Freshly torched with the caramel still crunchy on top and flowing below, the CBD CUSTARD Puffs will be your little gourmet break of the day!

High quality CBD

High in CBD, the Barrel contains quality CBD. With more than 5 years of experience in the extraction and sale of CBD products, our partners allow us to select the best qualities of CBD in their production.

barrel cbd puff taste cannabis

How to properly recycle your Puff CBD Barrel?

In order to best recycle your Barrel, it is recommended not to throw this disposable cigarette in a normal trash can. Containing no toxic substance, the barrel can be recycled into a battery tray in order to be able to better treat battery waste.
Find a QR code on the back of the bag to locate the battery compartment closest to you.

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