Vape. Pen Vape. Pen Vape. Pen

Vape. In the future

The Vape Pen _ Next Generation

The Vape Pen developed by Noïd.Lab is a revolution focusing on the essentials: a redesigned look and simplified use for an optimized vaping experience.

made. by MarieJeanne
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Noid Lab - Vape Pen
Cartridge. Cartridge. Cartridge.
Noid Lab - Cartridge

Cartridge. All in

Pure Concentrate of Expertise

Premium, cold extraction, 100% natural, Noïd.Lab cartridges are assembled in our French laboratory, capturing the best the plant has to offer: flavors, virtues, and sensations upon inhalation.

made. by MarieJeanne
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Sub-oil. Sub-oil. Sub-oil.

Sub-oil. Feel in

100% Plant-Based _ 100% Active

Noïd.Lab innovates with new natural extraction processes for a next-generation CBD oil. The original plant remains intact during and after the process to preserve the full spectrum of cannabinoids. Result: a broad-spectrum sublingual oil that stands out for its effects and flavors.

made. by MarieJeanne
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Noid Lab - Sub Oil
Extracts. Extracts. Extracts.
Noid Lab - Extracts

Extracts. Naturally high

Source of Innovative Raw Materials

A research laboratory, Noïd.Lab is a benchmark in terms of premium raw materials and the latest natural innovations related to cannabidiol and its derivatives: Rosin, Crumble, Distillate, Shatter, Isolate…

made. by MarieJeanne
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