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Discover Sunrise by Marie Jeanne: an enchanting combination of watermelon (sweet and juicy), pineapple (fresh and tangy) and peach (as mellow in the mouth as it is tasty). A CBD e-liquid available in doses of 0, 50, 100, 300 and 600 mg, with a PG:VG ratio of 80:20, ideal for CBD.

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Sunrise: the fruit cocktail that will really juice you up!

When daybreak comes around, be captivated by Sunrise and imagine the soft light of the sun rising up over a tropical ocean. With its delicious summer fruit flavours, Sunrise will have you basking on a sun-bathed beach.

This delightful cocktail of melon, pineapple and peach will fill you with energy and good vibes, as though it’s the start of your summer holiday.

A unique bottle available in various doses

The Marie Jeanne Sunrise CBD e-liquid comes in a 10 ml bottle with a childproof lid. It stands out thanks to its colourful bottle, with a gradient colour motif to reflect the light created by the sunrise.

According to your vaping habits, you can choose your Sunrise e-liquid in the CBD concentration that suits you: 50, 100, 300 or 600 mg per 10 ml bottle.

Certified THC-free

Marie Jeanne creates CBD e-liquids that comply with current French regulations. The THC content in our vape e-liquids is negligible. The CBD we use comes from hemp plants authorised to be grown in Europe.

The fruit flavouring is combined with CBD then diluted in an e-liquid preparation made up of 80% PG (propylene glycol) and 20% VG (vegetable glycerin). Unique aromas and a top-of-the-range production process make Marie Jeanne products a hit among vapers looking for a flavourful vape experience. Inspired by sweet flavours, Sunrise by Marie Jeanne is a real delight for the nose and the taste buds.

Détails du produit
  • PG (%) 80
  • VG (%) 20
  • Type of cannabidiol CBD crystals
  • Type of flavour Food grade
  • Capacity (ml) 10
  • Flavour Fruity
  • Type of bottle Cardboard box
  • Collection Création
  • Recommended equipment Battery settings below 20 W
  • Manufacturing French
  • THC None
  • Best before Best before date: See bottle (min. 12 months)
  • Language on packaging Spanish

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