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How to use CBD flowers ?

Posted on: July 25th 2023

Flowers are one of many ways to consume cannabidiol (CBD). This natural and unprocessed product is very popular among consumers, especially due to its intense aromas and scent. Cherry on top: CBD flowers can be used in many ways, offering a variety of experiences.

Smoking the flower, a method forbidden in France and perhaps less optimal

Smoking CBD flowers by incorporating them with tobacco or other derivatives is undoubtedly the most popular method of consumption. However, this method proves to be more dangerous, since there is combustion in this process. Indeed, combustion produces toxic substances that can damage the respiratory system, particularly the lungs and throat.
This is why the law prohibits resellers from offering CBD flowers for smoking.

Moreover, this method is less interesting, as combustion deteriorates the quality of the flower.
Indeed, heating at high temperature damages the active ingredients of the plant, and the whole sensory and olfactory experience is somewhat diminished. The sought-after effects are also diminished as the molecule does not resist very high temperatures.

Inhalation with a vaporizer

This is certainly the best way to optimize your CBD consumption. Inhalation, also called vaporization, is a quick and simple method of consuming CBD while preserving its qualities.

To do this, you just need to crumble a few fragments of your hemp flower, with your fingers or with a grinder. You will then need to equip yourself with the key to inhalation: a vaporizer. This device allows you to heat the plant material, without ever reaching combustion. This will therefore extract the active ingredients without deteriorating them, unlike smoking.

Inhalation is a different process than that used by electronic cigarettes, as a flower is used in the former and e-liquid in the latter. CBD enthusiasts looking for a more versatile device could for example opt for the Wiz Hybrid vaporizer, a hybrid device that allows you to vaporize the flower and e-liquid at the same time, a revolution in the vaporizer field!

Once the CBD vaporizer is chosen, you simply need to preheat it between 180 and 210 °C, then insert the fragments of your flower into the vaporizer chamber. Be careful not to pack too much to prevent air from circulating.

This very gentle heating method, using water vapor, is particularly appreciated for preserving all the qualities of CBD. This offers an optimal olfactory experience, and does not degrade the flower's active ingredients. This method of consumption is therefore a perfect alternative to smoking flowers.

By means of an infusion

This method simply involves infusing the CBD flower in simmering water, like a tea. This is usually referred to as CBD tea. This method also allows you to benefit from the advantages of CBD in an optimal way.

To make a CBD tea, nothing complicated, just do it like a tea, by inserting a button of hemp CBD flower into a tea filter or a tea ball. To make the flower diffuse more easily, you can coarsely crumble it beforehand, with your fingers or a grinder. When the water is hot enough, let it infuse for 5 to 10 minutes.

Just like for tea, you can add more flavor by adding a spoonful of honey, a bit of ginger, a dash of milk. To personalize your CBD tea even more, you can even add fruit pieces, tea leaves... to the tea strainer and thus benefit from the isolated virtues of each of these ingredients. For example, chamomile, which you can easily find in a herbalist shop, is known for soothing and relaxing. It is therefore particularly interesting if you consume CBD to help you treat a sleep disorder.

On the other hand, it is recommended to add a fatty substance to your tea. Indeed, lipids are known to facilitate the assimilation of cannabinoids by the body. Cream, butter, coconut oil, or simply a dash of milk: many possibilities are available to you!

In the kitchen by using it as an ingredient in your meals

The CBD flower can find many uses in the kitchen. In this case, to benefit from the effects of CBD, the body will first have to digest it. This means that the effects will take longer to show, but will last much longer.

One of the simplest ways to cook the flower is to use it as a herb. Please note that the taste may vary according to the chosen variety and the cultivation method. We will then simply crumble it, and sprinkle our preparations, as we would do with Herbes de Provence.

To do this, you first need to decarboxylate the flower. This gentle baking in the oven will make the flower more digestible for the body, allowing you to eat it. To do this, simply heat it in the oven at 100 °C for about twenty minutes.

When your flower is decarboxylated, you can easily sprinkle a little in your salads or raw vegetables, to season them with the intense scent of cannabis. However, it should be noted that heating helps to increase the power of cannabidiol molecules.

We then suggest adding it to your different preparations before cooking:

  • Soups,
  • Vegetable stews,
  • Meats,
  • Pastries...

Again, as with infusion, to assist the body's absorption of cannabinoids, it is interesting to combine them with a fat. That's why one of the most famous recipes is hemp butter, also called by its English name cannabutter, or, more exotic, Marrakech butter.

To do this, we first grind the CBD flowers with a grinder, or possibly a kitchen knife. On the side, we melt the butter, then incorporate the ground flower. We then let it infuse on low heat, before filtering, to keep only the butter. Then choose a mold of your choice to pour this preparation, before letting it set in the fridge.

Marrakech butter can be used in several ways, just like normal butter. But the most common way is the famous space cake. It will then be a question of making a cake preparation of your choice, taking care to replace the fat with this hemp butter: brownie, cookies, biscuits, sponge cake, muffin, cupcake...

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