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CBD Puffs: the simplified vape

Posted on: April 29th 2022

New phenomenon in the vaping world, the Puff CBD is the simplified version of the electronic cigarette. No charging, no e-liquid to refill, here's a tour of vape puffs:

What is called a "Puff"

The name Puff comes from the slang of some smokers which means "puff". A Puff is therefore a "puff" or a "puff" on an electronic cigarette.

The Puffs are distinguished by the number of Puffs they contain and the flavors of e-liquid that make them up.

The number of Puffs in a Puff type vape pen

It varies between brands and models but the number of puffs is always written on the packaging. You will find material up to 300 puffs, 500 puffs, 600 puffs etc.

The number of puffs is determined by the amount of e-liquid inside the electronic cigarette and the capacity of its battery. A puff corresponds to a 1 second suction and a 7 second pause between each puff.

"The number of puffs is therefore different between each user"

The number of puffs is therefore different between each user because it depends on the way of vaping. If the puffs are long then there will be fewer puffs, similarly if the frequency of use is very close (less than 7 seconds between each puff) then the battery will be overstretched and the number of puffs may vary.

At Marie Jeanne we make CBD Puffs of 300 puffs: The Penny and CBD Puffs of 600 puffs: the Barrel.

Difference between Vape Puff and CBD Puff

The classic puff vape is a puff containing a PG/VG nicotine or nicotine-free vape e-liquid with all types of tastes and flavors. These Puffs are generally made and filled in China with Chinese e-liquid. The laws on vaping are quite strict in China and the PG/VG contained in nicotine or nicotine-free puffs have the same standards as in France.

The CBD Puffs, like Penny CBD Haze, are puffs containing CBD e-liquid (PG/VG + CBD). Chinese laws do not allow the use of CBD, so CBD puffs are necessarily filled in Europe for the European market.

At Marie Jeanne our CBD Penny and Barrel puffs are filled in our laboratory in France with French e-liquid.

The interest of CBD puff

Easy to use, pleasant ergonomics, easily transportable and above all does not leak, the CBD puff can be transported everywhere. Often dosed in a high concentration of CBD so as not to be used all day but that over given periods the CBD puff makes it possible to be the perfect ally in troubleshooting or at times of the day dedicated to this.

Find our Penny and our Barrel in 300 and 600 puffs in our category CBD puff vape

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