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E-liquid: Can we detect CBD in a saliva test?

A saliva test can see if there has been a recent drug use (about 6 hours). The saliva test is performed fairly regularly whether it is by law enforcement agencies (gendarmerie or police) during a roadside check, for example, but it can also be done in a professional context in a company or in the medical sector.

How does a saliva test work and what molecule is it looking for?

A saliva test consists of a simple cotton swab that is rubbed on the mucous membranes (inside of the cheeks) in order to collect saliva which will be tested through a chemical reaction that will take a few minutes.

The cannabis plant is made up of many molecules including THC and CBD . THC is a molecule banned in France and the rate of which in finished products must not exceed 0%, while in other European countries the rate is 0.2 to 0.3%.

THC A is an acidic molecule that is found in THC and remains in the mucous membranes. It is this molecule that will make the saliva test positive if the individual has consumed products containing THC. The saliva test therefore looks for THC A to give its result.

CBD is a non-psychoactive molecule extracted from the cannabis plant that is legal and unregulated for consumption. If the product consumed complies with applicable laws, the finished product containing CBD does not contain THC. This is why at Marie Jeanne, we mainly use the technique of extracting CBD in Isolate in order to be sure of having no THC residue, even tiny, in our finished products.

What is the difference between Isolat and Broad Spectrum?

Isolate is the safest way to have no THC in products, as its molecular extraction ensures that there are no other molecules. It is also the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way too.

If you want to be sure that you are saliva test negative the best choice is of course to choose CBD products made from CBD isolate. Broad Spectrum, on the other hand, uses a very different means of production from isolate. The production techniques are simplified, the THC A molecules are filtered as the process progresses, which can leave tiny traces (well below 0.2%) of THC in the products.

The Broad Spectrum is not a problem to date for saliva tests, but without knowing the exact sensitivity of the saliva tests used today and which are regularly updated it is difficult to make a long-term commitment.

Can Marie Jeanne products be positive on the saliva test?

As explained above Marie Jeanne offers you a different range of products in Isolat and Broad Spectrum.

Our Broad Spectrum products (experience range (E-liquid California, Colombia and Patagonia), Malana and Alma terra) may contain micro residues of THC at levels not detectable by our toxicological tests, but given that we do not know not the accuracy of the saliva tests we can not know if the test could turn positive occasionally and we can make a definite commitment to this subject.

The e-liquids cbd in isolate offered do not present any trace of THC due to their very rigorous manufacture, so it does not pose any problem when faced with saliva tests.

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