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FAQ: All about the Reefer vape pen

A question / A problem here is the FAQ Reefer: All about the vape pen Marie Jeanne CBD.

Small and powerful, refillable and refillable, the Reefer and the everyday ally ! Here are some questions that you regularly ask us and that we have condensed in this article.

How do I charge my Reefer pen vape?

At the end of the reefer a blue led lights up in the middle of the metal part. It is on this metal part that the charger supplied in the box is magnetized.

How long does it take to charge the vape pen ?

The charging time is about 30 minutes. When you magnetize the battery to the charger a blue light comes on it means that it is charging.

When the light is off your reefer is fully charged. My reefer is flashing blue?

Your reefer has no more battery, just recharge it.

Can I charge my reefer's battery without unscrewing the fluid cartridge?

Yes of course, you can charge the reefer with the cartridge screwed or not screwed to the battery.

What is the life of the cartridge/resistor?

It depends a lot on the way you spray (strong or soft pull) and on your daily use. For an average use a cartridge is supposed to last a minimum of one month before the ceramic resistor burns and therefore alters the taste of your e-liquids.

Can I use other e-liquids than those provided by Marie Jeanne CBD?

Yes, vape pen cartridges can be filled with other liquids. We advise you that these liquids should be made up in PG/VG greater than 50/50 because if the liquid is too liquid the cartridge will leak and your vape experience will be missed. We advise you to use one cartridge per e-liquid and not to mix the liquids between them in order not to alter the taste.

How to fill the e-liquid in the cartridge?

You must put the reefer in a vertical position, with the grey plastic tip (the Drip Tip) facing upwards. The Drip Tip can be unscrewed. Unscrew it and remove it. The cartridge is now open, just fill the transparent reservoir with your e-liquid. Our e-liquids have pipette tips that allow you to fill the reservoir easily. Once the reservoir is filled, screw the plastic tip, be careful not to crush the gasket too much. It is my first use of the cartridge but it doesn't make smoke what should I do? To be used the cotton in the cartridge must be soaked in the e-liquid. Once you have filled your cartridge you can suck a little by plugging the face head that screws to the battery. This will help the e-liquid to impregnate the cotton. Then we advise you to wait 5 to 10 minutes that the liquid has well impregnated the cotton. If the cotton is not soaked it does not create a spray.

My e-liquid has turned brown, is this normal?

CBD e-liquids and e-liquids in general tend to change color in contact with air and light. This does not alter the taste or properties of the CBD in the short term but it should not be too exposed. We therefore advise you to always fill your cartridge to the maximum as there is little air in the cartridge and avoid leaving your vape pen reefer in the light or sun. 

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