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Vaping Cbd on vacation: can you carry your electronic cigarette everywhere?

Posted on: March 24th 2020

We will try to make it a point to avoid inconvenience during your next trips, trips or your new life abroad for example. Please note the laws change and we advise you before each trip to check their news. 

First of all vaping in France: can you vaping while traveling in France?

Vaping by car in France:

The law says: "The driver must be constantly in a state and in a position to execute conveniently and without delay all the maneuvers which are incumbent upon him. It is possible to smoke (cigarettes) while driving a car in France except in the presence of a minor. The electronic cigarette as an object is therefore not prohibited by law while driving if the object does not prevent the two-handed steering wheel from being held in an appropriate manner. We can therefore Yes and No vape while driving, it will depend on his own behavior, the way of driving and especially on the appreciation of the police.

Vaping by plane: strict regulations

It is strictly forbidden to use your electronic cigarette during an airplane flight. You should also know that certain rules must be applied before the flight: It is forbidden to put your batteries and accumulators in the baggage in the hold, they must be in your hand luggage. It is forbidden to recharge the battery during the flight. E-liquids are allowed in hand luggage in bottles of maximum 100ml stored in airtight bags. Tip: Close your airflow before the flight, pressurization can cause leaks.

Vaping by Train on the French SNCF network:

Once again each train station is different, you must refer to the signage for each. In addition to smoking bans, some stations have added vape bans. Inside the train it is strictly forbidden to use your electronic cigarette.

Countries in the world where it is possible to Vape:

Unfortunately the rules are different in each country, moreover the rules change over time. It becomes difficult to keep a fair list of the countries which authorize or not the electronic cigarette. In the majority of European countries it is perfectly possible to vape by following simple and common sense rules (bans on vaping in public places for example). Belgium, for its part, has much stricter rules by equating electronic cigarettes to tobacco products.

For the rest of the world here is a list where vaping is prohibited.

Some countries on this list allow residents to vape on medical prescription, some confiscate your equipment with a fine, others will go as far as putting jail users of electronic cigarettes… we recommend once again to check the laws in force at the time of your trip, if your trip is in a country from the list below we advise you to really inform yourself before departure on the government websites in particular: 

List of countries where the electronic cigarette is prohibited or partially prohibited:

Lebanon, Norway, Austria, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Oman Brunei, Kuwait, Lithuania, Island Mauritius, Nicaragua, Mexico, Panama, Seychelles, Suriname, Turkey.


Now that we know more about the material we are going to study the countries where it is possible to vape CBD.

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