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Difference between Eliquid Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum and Isalote

Whether you're new to the CBD e-liquid world or you're an informed consumer, buying a CBD e-liquid can be challenging.

We're here to detail the three most common types of CBD-based e-liquids you'll see in the trade, e-liquids "broad spectrum", "full-spectrum" or "isolate".

E-liquid CBD full spectrum or Full Spectrum

The fullspectrum e-liquid (or broad spectrum) is the least processed type of e-liquid CBD. It contains all the vegetable matter that can be extracted, including cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and ... THC. Full spectrum e-liquids benefit from an entourage effect because when nothing is excluded, each active ingredient works in harmony.

Due to the probable presence of THC, E-liquid FullSpectrum is banned in France and Europe. However the use of hemp plants initially totally devoid of THC have created an amalgam in some manufacturing laboratories that use the term Full Spectrum for e-liquids that actually contain no trace of THC, this is the case of our e-liquid Malana.

E-liquid CBD broad spectrum or Broad Spectrum

Broad Spectrum (or broad spectrum) CBD e-liquids contain all cannabinoids as well as FullSpectrum e-liquids except that they contain no trace of THC. This requires an additional processing step to isolate and eliminate THC, which makes it possible to consume e-liquid CBD without any psychoactive effect.

In France and Europe, the term Broad Spectrum is therefore the right term for e-liquids that contain all cannabinoids without THC. All full-spectrum CBD e-liquids that comply with French legislation are therefore in fact Broad Spectrum e-liquids.

At Marie Jeanne, our most advanced Broad Spectrum e-liquid is the California CBD e-liquid.

E-liquid with CBD Isolate

CBD-based e-liquids are 99.99% pure CBD that has been completely isolated from all other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids. It is materialized by white crystals (the term CBD crystals is often used instead of the term "isolate"). Although isolate-based e-liquids do not benefit from the surrounding effect, these CBD e-liquids are ideal for people who are sensitive to certain cannabinoids or who wish to supplement an existing product with pure CBD. The Marie Jeanne CBD Boosters are composed only of PG and CBD crystals, this makes Do It Yourself.

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