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What is a CBD booster ? [All you need to know] - Marie Jeanne CBD

Base, booster, PG / VG ... when you start vaping and more specifically doing your own DIY CBD juices, you must deal with a whole new vocabulary. This is everything you need to know about the CBD booster.

CBD booster is a special type of liquid that is not designed to be vaporized alone. Like a nicotine booster, this product is involved in the production of DIY eliquids, in other words, manufactured directly by the vaper. This gives the possibility to obtain for a great price a truly personalized CBD eliquid, whether in terms of strength or flavor.

Like its nicotine counterpart, a CBD booster must necessarily comply with the rules imposed by the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), especially in terms of packaging. It is thus necessarily packaged in a 10ml bottle.

What is the use of a CBD booster?

A CBD booster is a e-liquid which contains a high amount of CBD, which has no taste and is not intended to be vaporized alone. So what is its purpose ?

The role of a CBD booster is simply to bring CBD to a neutral eliquid. It is the proportion of booster added to the basic solution that will determine the final concentration of the CBD e-liquid produced. It is therefore the essential ingredient of any CBD liquid. A CBD booster can be diluted in a homemade mixture of neutral base and concentrated aromas, or a nicotine-free and already flavored liquid.

What does a CBD booster contains?

A CBD booster is made of only two ingredients:

    • Pure CBD in varying amounts
    • Propylene glycol to dilute it

A CBD booster has no flavor or smell. It may however have some color depending on the amount of CBD in it. Unlike a ready-to-go CBD liquid, it contains only propylene glycol. It is the most suitable component for a perfect dilution of the molecule.

How to use a CBD booster?

To use a CBD booster, you must dilute it in a homemade base or a nicotine-free e-liquid:

By making a DIY CBD liquid

A CBD booster must be diluted in a neutral base containing at least 70% of propylene glycol. This base should not necessarily be flavored, since the addition of concentrated aromas only defines the taste of the liquid.

By diluting it in a non-nicotine liquid

It may be easier to dilute a CBD booster directly into a nicotine-free liquid, which allows in addition the regular vaper to maintain his habits of vape. It is then possible to dilute the nicotine booster in the bottle of e-liquid, or directly in its clearomizer. The dosage is however less accurate with this method.

Which dosage need to be respected?

The amount of booster to add to its preparation depends primarily on the concentration of its CBD booster. It then depends on the amount of CBD liquid that is desired. By way of example, a 1000mg CBD booster allows to obtain 100ml (ie 10 bottles) of liquid CBD e-liquid with a 100mg concentration , or else 30ml (ie 3 bottles) dosed at 300mg.

Where to find high-quality CBD boosters?

As with every vaping products, you must buy your CBD booster from a licensed professional seller. This is the only way to be sure to get a liquid that meets French and European standards of security and quality.

You will find on Marie Jeanne’s online shop a high quality CBD booster, made in France with the greatest care and approved by an independent laboratory. Obtained by supercritical CO2 extraction, the CBD used in our booster is THC-free and contains no chemical solvents.

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