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Discover our Malana full spectrum CBD e-liquid: an exceptional e-liquid packaged in an elegant, captivating Black Edition bottle. Fall in love with this unique vape experience, with a remarkable hit and authentic flavours. Thanks to a unique method of extracting cannabinoids that are naturally present in hemp plants, Marie Jeanne offers you the opportunity to rediscover the rich taste of hemp.

Aromatic profile: Resinous hemp

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Malana, the original hemp flavour

Fans of full spectrum e-liquids will fall in love with Malana. This premium cannabidiol e-liquid is made through a new, innovative extraction process that preserves all the cannabinoids in their rawest, most natural form. With every drag, you will experience the unique flavour of hemp.

The elegance of a ‘Black Edition’ bottle

A lot of research went into making this elixir. Malana is available in various CBD concentrations: 100 mg, 300 mg, or 500 mg per 10 ml bottle. It comes in Black Edition packaging, an enhanced version of Marie Jeanne’s usual stylish e-liquid presentation.

Malana, a certified THC-free e-liquid

Marie Jeanne has built up a reputation for top-of-the-range vaping solutions. With this full spectrum e-liquid, you are guaranteed a unique vape experience that combines natural flavours and a powerful hit on the throat, and all without THC.

Détails du produit
  • PG (%) 50
  • VG (%) 50
  • Type of cannabidiol Full spectrum CBD
  • Type of flavour Terpenes
  • Capacity (ml) 10
  • Flavour Hemp
  • Type of bottle Cardboard box
  • Collection Authentique
  • Recommended equipment Battery settings below 20 W
  • Manufacturing French
  • THC None
  • Best before Best before date: See bottle (min. 12 months)
  • Language on packaging Spanish, English

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