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Posted on: March 19th 2019

CBD e-liquids are generally available in various doses, from 50 mg to 600 mg per 10 ml bottle. This dose must be chosen carefully, as it must correspond to each person’s tolerance and usage. Read on for our tips on how to choose your e-liquid.

A gradual approach

To find the right dose, first, you need to assess your tolerance to the CBD molecule and its potential effects. For this reason, the best way to find your dose is to try vaping various liquids with different CBD concentrations. You should test out the different doses with a gradual approach, progressively increasing the dose of CBD in your e-liquid. This way, you can easily find the best dose for you. When trying these liquids out, don’t forget that CBD must be vaped with the right equipment, with a vape power of no more than 15 W.

A dose for every kind of usage

The dose of your CBD liquid should also depend on how you use it: in other words, how frequently you vape and for how long each time. A lower dose is best for daily, regular use, while a higher dose is suitable for more occasional use.

E-liquids with a dose of less than 100 mg are designed to be vaped regularly throughout the day. Liquids between 100 and 300 mg must ideally be vaped at longer intervals. Those with a dose of more than 300 mg must be reserved for occasional use.

Please note: a liquid with a concentration of more than 600 mg is probably a CBD booster and must be diluted in a neutral base before being vaped.

Is there a risk of overdose?

A study published in 2011 in the journal Current Drug Safety states that an overdose may take place if 1500 mg of CBD is consumed per day. This would mean vaping 3 bottles of 500 mg CBD liquid, which is very unlikely! No other study has corroborated these findings.

Of one thing we are sure: CBD is considered a no-risk product by the World Health Organisation. Indeed, in the classifications established by the WHO, CBD is neither a drug nor a medication. Today, it is considered a consumer product, so an overdose cannot take place when it is consumed under normal conditions.

The Marie Jeanne team’s best tip: we recommend a daily dose of no more than 1 mg CBD for every kilogram of your body mass.

Example: If you weigh 70 kg, we advise you not to inhale more than 70 mg of CBD per day.

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