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Know everything on Resin and CBD Hash

Posted on: July 25th 2023

One of the great advantages of CBD lies in the diversity of ways to consume it. The resin, also known as hash, is undoubtedly one of the most popular. It is one of the most concentrated CBD products.

What is CBD resin?

First of all, it is important to understand that CBD resin is known under several names: hash, hashish, shit... CBD resins come in the form of brown to khaki green bars, more or less greasy or dry, sometimes a little sandy.

They are extracted from trichomes, which are glandular hairs present at the end of cannabis flowers. The peculiarity of trichomes: they concentrate most of the cannabinoids in the hemp plant! In other words, the resin is made from the part of the plant that contains the most CBD, making it a particularly powerful product.

The shiny appearance and greasy touch of the resin comes from what is called kief, skuff or sometimes pollen. This is the oily material produced by the glands that are trichomes. It is precisely this material, which is rich in cannabinoids, that makes CBD resin an exceptional product.

On the other hand, CBD hash is also known to be rich in terpenes, the compounds responsible for the flavors and taste of cannabis. That's why CBD resin offers an olfactory and taste experience that delights consumers.

How is hash made? The different extraction methods

The production of hash always starts with the selection of the hemp plant. It is essential to select a plant that has great qualities. That's why, at Marie Jeanne CBD ®, all our plants are grown in France in Indoor, meaning they benefit from stable horticultural conditions, related to indoor cultivation. The choice of the cannabis cultivar is also essential, as each variety has its own characteristics.

Once the plant has been selected, the trichomes, which will make up the CBD resin, will be extracted. There are two methods for this:

  • The classic one: this method, which we use for example to make our supreme CBD resin, is also called "concentrate" or "sieve method". Indeed, once the flowers have been harvested, it is a question of separating the trichomes from the bud, using a sieve. The producer will then finely chop the plant parts of the plant and pass them through very fine meshes, through which only the trichomes will pass. We will then make sure to recover all the kief, this oily substance present in the trichomes, by shaking the sieve. Finally, to form the final product, we will recover all the material obtained, heat it to make it more malleable, and shape it, as desired, into a ball or bar shape.

  • The Ice-o-lator: unlike the classic method, this technique, used for example for our ice-o-lator resin, will use cold to extract the trichomes. Here, we will place the flowers in a water filled with ice cubes. This thermal shock will contract the trichomes and make them fall from the flower. Sometimes we can add a current in the water to make the trichomes fall more easily. We will then filter the water, to keep only the trichomes. This material will then be dried, and shaped cold. Cold production, known to produce high quality CBD hash, is also used for our afghan hash CBD.

The different methods of consumption

The CBD resin is a particularly appreciated product for its versatility. It can be consumed in different ways:

  • In vape: by inserting fragments of resin into a vaporizer heated between 180 and 210 °C
  • By ingestion: by incorporating the resin into your dishes, salads, desserts, hemp butters, space cakes...
  • In infusion: in the same way as we prepare tea, by letting it infuse for about ten minutes
  • By smoking: some consumers smoke the resin, which we advise against

What are the desired effects?

In France nothing is really proven by science and the lack of medical studies do not allow us to be very precise about the effects of CBD resin. However, consumers of CBD hash report a relaxing effect, and a reduction in anxiety, as well as analgesic effects, which make CBD resin a particularly used product to alleviate chronic pain, joint pain, menstrual pain, muscle pain... Because of its relaxing effect, it is also a product used by consumers to treat sleep disorders, such as insomnia. Approaching a health professional to learn more is the safest way to get information about the effects.

The regulation on CBD resin, legal or forbidden?

In France, cannabidiol, the full name of CBD, is neither considered a narcotic nor a psychotropic. It is therefore legal, provided it contains a THC level below 0.3%. Indeed, THC, another cannabinoid, is classified as a psychotropic, and forbidden. That's why at Marie Jeanne CBD ®, all our products are legal, and contain a THC level below 0.2%.

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