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As CBD e-liquids are becoming more and more popular, new products are appearing on the market every day. Various names have been created to differentiate between the characteristics of the CBD e-liquids available on the market. So, now we distinguish between two types of CBD: CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD. We explain the differences below.

CBD is a molecule that is naturally present in hemp plants. It belongs to the cannabinoid family, which is made up of over one hundred different molecules. It can be extracted from the plant through various extraction methods, which have a direct influence on the properties of the resulting CBD.

CBD isolate

CBD isolate is the most common form of CBD obtained through extraction. This is a pure CBD extract, isolated from all the other substances present in the hemp plant. Once extracted, this CBD takes the form of a crystallised powder. These CBD crystals can then be used to make DIY e-liquids. This is an extra-pure CBD, of recognised quality and efficacy. The main advantage of CBD isolate is that you can ensure an extremely precise dose of CBD. This is why the CBD boosters currently available on the market are made exclusively from CBD isolate, for making DIY e-liquids.

Full spectrum CBD

Full spectrum CBD is a type of CBD extracted without being isolated from the other substances present in the hemp plant. Full spectrum CBD can therefore contain other cannabinoids, such as cannabigerol (CBG) or cannabichromene (CBC).

This way, the terpenes, flavonoids and other molecules that give the plant its properties are preserved. The proportion of each of its molecules depends on their natural distribution, and therefore on the hemp variety used.

In short, the whole plant is used when extracting full spectrum CBD. This means the natural interactions between the different cannabinoids present in the hemp plant, known as the ‘entourage effect’, can be preserved. Terpenes, which are also naturally present in most plants, are also preserved. This means that the natural flavour of the hemp plant used for the CBD extraction is retained.

What are the advantages of a full spectrum CBD e-liquid?

These e-liquids are made from full spectrum CBD. They therefore contain CBD, terpenes and all the other molecules present in the plant. This maintains the entourage effect and its impact on the CBD’s quality, as well as the natural flavour of the plant.

Full spectrum CBD e-liquids therefore offer a higher-quality vape experience, as close as possible to the natural properties and authentic flavour of hemp. Of course, other terpenes may be introduced into the composition of these e-liquids for an even richer taste experience.

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