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The new vape pens Penny ready-to-vape have arrived

Are you looking for an easy to use and good quality product when vaping CBD? Discover the new Blue Penny from Marie Jeanne! 

What is a Penny?

First of all, the Penny is a single-use vape pen that will allow you to enjoy a quality vape moment without any headache due to it is already pre-filled by us.

The e-liquids in our Penny are Marie Jeanne e-liquids and the quality controls are the same whether for produce an e-liquid or a penny.

But how does it work?

Open the package, take out the Penny and vape. The Penny can be used until there is no more liquid inside. It is protected by an anti-drying tip to keep the CBD e-liquid for as long as possible if you don't use it regularly.

The packaging has been designed to be reusable. It also has an airtight seal at the top of the container to optimise the storage of your Penny.

What are the benefits?

  • The Penny is ready to use
  • No buttons to vape
  • No loading required
  • No refilling required
  • A cigarette-sized model that is easy to use
  • 300 puffs capacity, about 25 cigarettes

What flavours are available?

3 flavours, each in 2 concentrations: 3% and 6%, equivalent to a 10ml vial with 300mg or 600mg of CBD. Allowing an interesting amplified hit by our premium CBD quality.

Penny Mango: he Mango flavour is our new creation with freshly picked Mango and a hint of Blueberry. From the first puff, a fruit explosion comes to your mouth.

Penny Straw: The Straw flavour is our most accomplished Cannabis Sativa L flavour. From the first puff, the floral and dry taste in the mouth will bring you back to the close to nature.

Penny Ice Fruits: The Ice Fruits flavour is a summer fruit flavour with an icy freshness. From the very first puff, the flavours of glazed red fruits and wild berries will take you to the beach, sipping your best cocktail.

What are the strengths?

Each of our flavours is available in 2 strengths: 3% and 6%. That means the e-liquids of 300 mg or 600 mg of CBD in a 10ml bottle.

The 6% concentration is 600 mg and has a powerful throat hit. We also decided to create the concentration of 3% or 300mg of CBD for 10ml. This way, we allow people less familiarised with vaping CBD to have a weakened hit.

Can we recycle it?

Once finished, you can dispose of your Penny in particular bins for batteries or in the electronic waste bins in order not to pollute. These bins can be found in all shops that sell batteries.

To find out where you can find a recycling bin near you, search for the QR code in the Penny section on the website!

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