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How to find cheap CBD e-liquids?

Posted on: March 10th 2021

The quality of an e-liquid depends on its manufacturing method as well as its dosage. The longer and more complex the fabrication, the more expensive the end product will be. In addition the flavors, aromas as well as the time of research and development influences the prices of the final products. This is what we will see next:

Why is CBD e-liquid more expensive than nicotine e-liquid?

Originally, the CBD molecule is expensive because it is difficult to extract and the multiple processes used are quite complex. For example, the Broad Spectrum is expensive because there are many stages of settling.

This long process helps maintain the hemp flavors and the quality of the product, which is why prices can be high. The isolate is also an expensive method because the techniques used are at the cutting edge of technology which explains the price of the finished products. On the other hand, the manufacturing time is shorter. Despite this, CBD is difficult to extract and therefore the price remains high and therefore varies depending on the dosage.

The second thing that makes the products more or less expensive are the olfactory restorations. For example, the closer they get to cannabis taste, the more logically the product will be expensive. Because once again the processes that are put in place to collect this aroma are long and complex.

Do DIY and booster really make it possible to make cheap CBD e-liquid?

One way to save money is the CBD booster. It is a concentrate whose purpose is to mix it with an aroma and a base, which allows you to create your own CBD e-liquid, a technique called DIY.

DIY (Do It Yourself) is a common process for saving money, if we take the example with 100 mg e-liquid for example, by purchasing the 3 components (CBD booster, Lemon Kush aroma for example and a DIY base) you can create up to 10 liquids of 10 ml and you will save approximately € 7 per e-liquid of 100 mg.

Concrete example :

1 booster CBD 1000 mg = 34,90 €

1 aroma lemon kush = 6,99 €

1 base DIY = 4,90 €

Total for 10 vials = 46,79 €

So your CBD e-liquid 10 ml lemon kush will cost you around € 4.67

While buying your 100 mg lemon kush 10 ml e-liquid directly will cost you € 11.90 You save € 72.21 for 10 bottles, which is not negligible. For a 300 mg CBD e-liquid the process remains the same, except that by increasing the rate of the booster you still benefit from a small saving on the price of your final e-liquid.

DIY has its drawbacks too, you can't have all the flavors (lemon kush, super skunk and amnesia available). Another downside is that when you do DIY you can't work with Broad Spectrum, the only way is isolate. The Broad Spectrum gives the e-liquid this natural taste thanks to the terpenes it brings to the product, which is not the case with isolate.

You also have to take into account the preparation time, which is not negligible. And you need to have a few tools available so that the preparations are optimal.

If you don't want to worry, the solution is to buy e-liquids already dosed and prepare by us in the CBD e-liquids section, but the cheapest solution is undoubtedly DIY.

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