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Vape Pen CBD : Reefer by Marie Jeanne

0 cm long and only 18 grams, the vape pen reefer is a concentrate of technology and design. Invisible in a pocket and ideal in the hand, the Reefer goes with you everywhere!

It is no longer rare to see American stars with a vape pen CBD in their hand. Ultra popular in the United States, the vape pen CBD has almost become the fashion item of the year, but the vape pen is what exactly?

What is a CBD Vape Pen?

The Vape Pen is quite simply the easiest way to switch to an electronic cigarette. Vaping CBD has never been easier. The concept of the vape pen and having little to do with it.

There is something for everyone, pre-filled, single-use cartridges, refillable cartridges, refillable, non-refillable, you have to study the question but they all have something in common: none adjustment or button!

The Vape Pen CBD Reefer by Marie Jeanne:

At Marie Jeanne we have covered the issue at length and we wanted a vape pen that is easy to use, without buttons and without adjustments. Everything is pre-set to vape CBD with the best possible settings.

Single Use Vape Pen? No !

For ecological and ethical concerns we have decided to develop a Cbd vape pen that can be filled at will with its liquid. The cartridge is also interchangeable if the resistance no longer works.

In addition, a charger is provided in the Reefer so that you can recharge your vape pen indefinitely. We have all the advantages of the vape pen and all the advantages of the classic electronic cigarette - Single use is no longer part of our vocabulary!

Reefer settings:

The cartridge has a ceramic resistance of 1.5 ohms, ideal for CBD. The power will be carried out by a battery with a capacity of 180 mAh which develops a power of approximately 11 watts. Charging is very fast. Don't you understand any of this? So much the better, the vape pen takes care of everything!

How to refill the Vape Pen cartridges?

Very easy to use, just unscrew the gray end cap, taking care not to lose the small seal. Once opened, just fill the cartridge with a capacity of 0.55ml with your Marie Jeanne CBD e-liquid. Marie Jeanne e-liquid bottles have a long tip to facilitate filling in small reservoirs. Once the cartridge is full, we advise you to wait 5 to 10 minutes for the cotton of the resistance to soak up and take on the flavors of the liquid.

The battery of the Reefer vape pen

Ultra compact, the size of a classic cigarette, the battery does not take up space like a classic electronic cigarette. It recharges very quickly with a USB plug (adaptable to the iPhone charger base for example or to the cigarette lighter of your car)

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