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DIY: Can we mix Nicotine and CBD Booster

Posted on: March 27th 2020

The answer is very simple: No! It is not dangerous to do it, you are not going to be sick, but it is absolutely useless. As the expression says it is like throwing money out the window!

If you do not know why, here is a little explanation.

Why not mix CBD and Nicotine?

When we talk about mixing Nicotine and CBD we are talking in your clearomizer and in your daily life.

If you smoke a cigarette or use nicotine patches, for example, we advise you not to vape CBD in the next few hours because the effects will not be there.


Nicotine is known to increase blood pressure and heart rate. It causes the release of adrenaline, thereby increases the metabolism. So we can say that Nicotine is a kind of stimulant for the human body.

CBD has no psychoactive effect. Its action is to modulate endocannabinoids and block the enzyme that regulates the concentration of anandamide, the neurotransmitter known to cause a euphoric effect. As a result, the amount of anandamide increases, promoting the body's innate endocannabinoid response and creating an amplified "euphoric" effect.

Therefore, CBD and Nicotine simply have opposite effects. One calms while the other excites.

When effects are contrary, they simply cancel out. We cannot be both nervous and relaxed!

Some tips for nicotine and CBD in your daily life:

  • Do not vape CBD when you have a nicotine patch . Once removed, wait a few hours for the effects of nicotine to wear off.
  • Same advice if you smoke or smoke nicotine. 3 or 4 hours apart between CBD and nicotine seems to be a reasonable basis.
  • If you use an electronic cigarette, do not put your nicotine e-liquids and your CBD e-liquids in the same clearomizer. Residues of Cbd and nicotine will alter the effects. 2 clearomizers or 2 electronic cigarettes are recommended, 1 per use.
  • If you are DIY, be careful to use clean containers of all nicotine substances before pouring your CBD boosters .
  • If you are a nicotine user, we advise you to vape CBD in the evening. When your daily nicotine intake is finished and between the time interval for Nicotine and CBD.
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