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It’s introduction time! The internet can seem a rather opaque place sometimes, but behind every website and brand, there is, of course, a team. If you’re the type who likes to put a face to a name, here’s a quick introduction to Team Marie Jeanne. 

Hi Arnaud. For Marie Jeanne customers, you’re probably the most visible member of the team. You’re the middle man between Marie Jeanne and the outside world. Can you introduce yourself to our customers? Tell us a bit about your career before joining the team.

My career has been rather unusual: I trained to be an electrician then got a diploma in Customer Service and Negotiation. Then, I went to university to study Sports Events Management, before completing a master’s degree in Marketing and Communication. 

What are your hobbies? 

I used to compete nationally at mountain biking, but now I’ve moved onto triathlons. I love sport and I do a lot of it, but unfortunately I haven’t competed as much these last few years. I’ve tried different triathlon distances but I prefer short ones. They require an explosive effort, but you have to manage that effort strategically. On a different note (though this helps in sport, too), I read quite a lot of books and attend seminars on personal development. This way, I feel more aligned and understand my raison d’être. I love travelling; I jet off somewhere every chance I get! Discovering new cultures and customs is my passion. It’s good to take a step back from your usual routine and open your mind. Does sport help you in your everyday work at Marie Jeanne? Absolutely! It helps me to feel good in my body and in my mind. It’s an excellent way of testing my limits and challenging myself to achieve new results.

arnaud marathon sport CBD

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What is your favourite Marie Jeanne product?

I love smoothies and fruit, which is good for doing sport. When I arrived at Marie Jeanne, I fell in love with the Sunset and Sunrise flavours. As I’m not a big smoker and don’t vape tobacco-flavour or nicotine liquids, I love the Sunset CBD e-liquid, as I can really taste those fresh fruit notes (melon, peach, pineapple and red berries). I regularly vape it on the sofa after my sports sessions, and it’s great because the taste and the CBD make it the perfect vape experience.

Why did you want to join the Marie Jeanne team? 

I’m a versatile person, so I wanted a job where I could follow a project from start to finish. For me, joining a small, constantly evolving business was an obvious choice. I decided to join Marie Jeanne because I was attracted by the values behind the company and its team, which is made up of motivated, passionate, humble people. The customer and product policies speak to me too, as at Marie Jeanne, we focus on customer satisfaction and human relationships and put all our energy into ensuring the excellent quality of our products. For me, it’s important to maintain this satisfaction day to day.

What does an average day at MJ look like for you? 

My working day can vary a lot, but if I had to summarise a typical day… I take care of customer service duties, via chat, email and telephone. My commercial tasks consist of maintaining customer relationships to find out how we can improve our services and our process. We work in an open space and being in constant contact with Nicolas (CEO of Marie Jeanne) allows me to get involved in other projects. For example, in partnership with Nicolas, I’m working on two new products and communication tools to make sure our customers are always at ease with our products.

arnaud en californie test cbd

 Do you have a vision for the future of vaping and CBD?

Absolutely. I believe it’s a flourishing market and is still far from reaching its full potential in Europe. You just have to look at the USA and Canada, which are pioneers in this industry. It’s quite amazing what’s happening over there: CBD is in high demand and there are so many ways of consuming it, which is not really the case yet in Europe.

And finally, what does a perfect weekend look like for you? How do you recharge your batteries for the week ahead? 

My ideal weekend is simple: sport in the morning, brunch with friends and a walk along the beach or in the mountains. And to finish off the day: a game of Mölkky as the sun goes down. Then on Sunday, a race followed by a big meal. After that, I go into chill mode and sit back in a lounger somewhere nice with my friends.

Thanks, Arnaud!

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