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Between the different legislations governing hemp products, drug testing and the supposed effects of CBD, many consumers are hesitant to vape CBD before driving. We'll help you sort it out.

CBD and THC: what the law says

Although CBD and THC are both hemp molecules, they have very different features. While THC has psychotropic properties, CBD has none. Unlike THC, CBD is legal. CBD is considered an everyday product and is not subject to any regulation. No law sets a maximum consumption of CBD or any restriction on its use, except for minors sale prohibition. Consequently, it is absolutely legal to drive after vaping CBD.

CBD and roadside screening

On the road, screening tests are often carried out by the authorities. This is mandatory when a serious accident occurs and optional when the highway code is infringed. The checks cover four families of substances: cannabis, cocaine, opiates and amphetamines.

The test for cannabis only reveals the presence of THC in the body.

Consuming CBD, even in large quantities, will not lead to a positive result. But be careful: a non-certified e-liquid may contain THC. We advise you not to vape products purchased abroad, as they may not comply with the regulations in your country.

Is driving and vaping CBD dangerous?

Depending on the dosage of the e-liquid, CBD may have different effects. Although it has no psychotropic effects, CBD may have a relaxing effect, which will be more or less pronounced according to the dose. Depending on your sensitivity to the molecule, consuming CBD may make you less vigilant and may even make you drowsy. This is where the risk of accident lies. You are therefore strongly advised not to vape CBD before taking the wheel, regardless of the legal aspects. We advise you to always vape your CBD during moments of calm, as your endocannabinoid system will be more receptive than it is during periods of intense activity or concentration (such as physical exercise or a car journey).

Please note:

  • CBD is not a medication.
  • The effects of CBD are not ‘recognised’ by the medical profession; it must be consumed in moderation.
  • CBD may cause drowsiness when taken in excess. We advise you not to consume CBD before driving.
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