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Want to vape a CBD liquid? Marie Jeanne has all the tips you need for a successful first experience. Vape wattage, type of e-cigarette, composition of e-liquids... We can tell you all you need to know about vaping CBD.

At what power should CBD e-liquids be vaped?

The ideal wattage for vaping CBD is between 10 and 15 W. Beyond this, the CBD molecule present in the e-liquid may be altered. The ideal vape temperature for CBD is around 180°C, so make sure you do not increase the wattage too much and exceed this temperature. You therefore don’t need a powerful (and expensive) e-cigarette to vape CBD.

What kind of e-cigarette do I need?

Your choice of e-cigarette is key if you want to make sure your CBD vape experience is a success. Not all models are right for low-power vaping. Several criteria must be taken into account:


The variable that really defines the vape power is the resistance value. When vaping CBD, a resistance of at least 1 ohm is recommended, so that you do not exceed the advised vape wattage of 15 W. Pod-style e-cigarettes are therefore perfect for this type of use.

The Pod Orion is suitable for vaping CBD

For this resistance value, choose an e-cigarette designed for low-power mouth-to-lung vaping. Pods aside, many clearomisers fulfil this criteria.

Tank size

CBD e-liquids are fragile and must be conserved with care. Like most e-liquids for e-cigarette, CBD liquids must be stored away from heat, air and light. Your e-liquid will last longer in its bottle than in a clearomiser or a pod. To preserve your e-liquid and its properties, choose an e-cigarette with a small tank.

E-cigarettes to avoid

We advise you to avoid very powerful e-cigarettes, which are exclusively for vaping traditional e-liquids. Rebuildable atomisers, whether of the tank or of the dripper variety, for sub-ohm vaping, are not recommended either.

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